All these Testimonials are available to be viewed in our offices, come and have a look.

We are proud of our reputation forged over 19 years serving the Industries in which, we work in New Zealand.

"Giltrap City Ltd have used the services of Automotive and technical Personnel, to find and place a number of technicians in our Service Departments. Brian is always willing to go the extra mile in finding suitable applicants and is constantly looking for anyone he thinks would be suitable to place in our business. I can personally recommend Brian for all your staffing requirements."

Peter McInnes - General Service Manager - Giltrap City Ltd

"I used Automotive and technical Personnel for employment placement over the last 10 years employing a number staff in sales and after sales areas. I have always found Automotive and technical Personnel to be honest and factual about the short listed candidates put forward."

Warren Carter - Chief Executive - Team Nissan Auckland

I have always found Automotive and technical Personnel to be very efficient and thorough in finding candidates for my Audi and Volkswagen departments. They seems to know exactly what we are looking for at the time and the information that is supplied to make an accurate decision on the make up of a candidate is very informative and helpful in making the right choice.

I would recommend Automotive and technical Personnel to any company looking for good candidates as the whole process is painless.

Kind Regards - Graeme Cave - Service Manager - Giltrap Prestige

After several attempts trying to correspond with Recruiting companies, I came across Automotive and technical Personnel on the internet.
Hesitant to get involved with any more recruiting agencies, I gave them a call. As well a polite phone manner, they were very clear and concise with what they needed from me, and contact was made within hours, not days on end.
After one week I had an interview, and within an hour of returning home, I received a phone call from Rob Everall at Marine Jobs telling me that my interview was successful and that I could start as soon as I wanted.
It seems the attitude and lack of feedback from recruiting agencies is quite a frequently seen problem amongst Job searchers. However, after dealing with 3 other recruitment agencies, I would not hesitate in recommending Automotive and technical Personnel to anyone. Their service is second to none.

David Hamill – Candidate

“We had always struggled to find good quality candidates and ended up paying too much with the newspapers, but now with Automotive & Technical’s expertise this is no longer an issue”

Cheers - Sean Parrey

" re ATTITUDE.......... to answer your comment in the email below.
It is a pity we are so fussy but as you know we cannot compromise when we aim to be "The leader in our Industry"
It is just as well we are dealing with the leader in your industry as you understand where we are coming from. Have fun,"

Scott Bliss - Roadlife Trucks – Dealer Principal

I have had an association with Automotive and technical Personnel in general for many years both as a client and a candidate. They have been uncannily perceptive in my requirements for staff and has never failed to secure some of the best candidates across the board in both the technical and administration areas of the automotive industry.

In addition to paying regular visits to fully understand the candidates required for any given position he has done a sterling job in keeping managers in touch with his ‘Confidential Industry Reviews’.

In effect Automotive and technical Personnel has made my life immeasurably easier by making sure I get the right people first time.

As a candidate Automotive and technical Personnel has had a huge impact on the progress of my own career from Service Manager through to General Manager by recommending employment with companies that have always been professional, challenging and rewarding and I personally thank him for this

Gordon Potter - General Manager - Cook Islands Motor Centre Ltd

To Whom It May Concern:

My experience with Brian Wong at Automotive and Technical Personnel, I started dealing with Brian in August 2007 after I sent an email from the web site. Brian, very promptly, responded to my email. I was in South Africa at the time and was still considering immigrating. The initial contact was a lot of questions from my side. Brian was extremely helpful and very patient. He was able to deal with all my questions from overnight accommodation to immigration advice. And when he didn’t know the answer to one of my questions he went out of his way to find it for me. Having all my questions and concerns answered assisted with the decision making!

I met up with Automotive and technical Personnel in February 2008 during my holiday in New Zealand.
It was great to put a face to a name and to build up a more personal relationship. After meeting and discussing my future employment needs and immigration requirements I knew my case was in good hands.
I returned to South Africa to apply for all the required documents for NZIS. Through out the process Automotive and technical Personnel was there for me. they kept me updated with the job market situation in Auckland and Wellington.
I finally decided to settle in Wellington and they jumped right in with the job hunting process.

I arrived back in New Zealand in July 2008. they pre-arranged everything and I practically walked straight into my new job – in Wellington!!!!
Everything happened smoothly and hassle free, thanks to their efficiency and knowledge of this industry.

I would definitely recommend Automotive and technical Personnel to others that find themselves in the situation I was in. We have built up a good relationship and I will make use of the service again.

Charlene Smith - placed Automotive and Technical Personnel Candidate

Hi, I thought I would send you a note to let you know just how happy I am in my employment with "Allied Medical" and thank you for getting me into the job. Last week I had a six month review and received a nice little increase in salary also.
"Allied Medical" is undoubtedly the best company I have ever worked for in my entire employment career with a fantastic environment and what can only be described as a very caring employer.
I am so pleased you sent me in this direction.

Thanks - Lindsay Pinker.

After ten years at sea moving ashore presents some tough challenges, one of the biggest being a change of career.
Marine Jobs, and in particular Rob Everall helped me to establish exactly what I wanted in my next appointment.
Rob's interview style suited me perfectly, very relaxed and informal, yet also helping to bring to the fore all of my qualities and attributes that would ultimately assist Rob to match my skills and career goals and personality with the right employer.
Six months on as the Service Manager of a busy marine engineering workshop in Auckland is not as far away from being Chief Engineer at sea as I initially thought, Rob and his lateral thinking helped myself and my employer to realise this and for that I am grateful.

Best regards - Dan Rankin - Service Manager - Ovlov Marine Ltd

We have worked with Automotive and technical Personnel for several placements over the past few years and have found them, extremely professional and easy to work with. They have a large candidate pool and each person who was put forward for the positions available had the skills we required. I also found the presentation of candidate CV and references incredibly comprehensive and of a really high standard.

Katie Nobile - Managing Director - Allied Medical

“How have we been treated by Automotive and technical Personnel?” I guess the answer is that both people we’ve employed via you have worked out well and are still with us so that’s positive. I appreciate the proactive approach you’ve taken at times (e.g. the recent candidate for our Service Engineer position), this certainly provides value to a company such as us.
I usually don’t place a great deal of store in the psych testing that recruiters carry out but I have to say in the case of this recent candidate it seemed uncannily accurate – and useful.

Regards - Bob Weston - Entec Services Limited - www.entec.co.nz

Brian was very persistent in ensuring that the recruitment process was always progressing. In this particular case, the process was unusually lengthy and complicated, and Brian's determination and focus lead to a successful placement.

Regards - Mark O'Donoghue – Automotive and technical Personnel candidate

"Just a quick note on what it is like to deal with Automotive Technical Personnel .
Firstly let me say I hate to single out individual people.

I have found Automotive Technical Personnel very good to deal with. they understands what I require in the skill base of the staff that I require. They do not not waste my time sending me candidates that they knows I will not interview. Other agencies continually send me, often unsolicited candidates which promptly get sent to my trash folder. What I like about them is that they come and catch up every couple of months for a chat, and at these discussion times he finds out what is happening in our business, what is happening in the industry, who has gone where, etc. They have their finger on the pulse, as opposed to other employment agencies who seldom have the inclination to conduct a "customer visit". One day the time will be right for UD Trucks to hire a new employee AND Automotive Technical Personnel to have the right candidate for me to review AND I know that it will be of the calibre I require.

I have also dealt with John Wood who is another person that has his finger on the pulse. With his recent (two years now) "Confidential Industry Review" of charge out rates, staff wage costs, and the feedback of this review to the suppliers of the information makes this a worth while project for the industry.

I think that Allan Breckell has a really good team of staff that understand peoples (companies & candidates) needs."

Peter McDonald UD Trucks – Nissan Diesel Authorised Distributor

Hi , Yes, I have gathered and I think that's awesome. Cisco has thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and felt confident that you would be able to help him.Yes, he did tell me.

Thank you!!! It is such wonderful news!

Samantha Martch - Wife of Automotive and Technical Personnel Candidate, on hearing of job offer by email

"Professional service with a good network within the trade/profession, all I had to do was to list my CV with them, I recommend Automotive and technical Personnel to others, thanks "

Regards, - Max Chung - Candidate

"My name is Eduardo Nery, a Brazilian citizen, who recently moved to NZ along with my family.
It was July 2007 when I contacted Marinejobs through their web site from Brazil, responding to a CNC Operator Job advert.
I was contacted by Rob Everall, one of their consultants, and he gave me a outstanding feedback via e-mail explaining every single detail that involves work and leave in NZ.
So I finally came to the country and I was very well assisted by Rob, who helped me in every possible manner in order to obtain my Job Offer and initiate my migration process to this wonderful and peaceful country.
I do have previous experience with a few job agencies in the past but none of then compares even close to the service and professionalism that marinejobs.co.nz showed as they handled my case. They help me find the job as well assistance in all Immigration processes with professionalism and kindness.
I'm so pleased with marinejobs.co.nz that Ii would strongly recommend then for all the professionals and tradesman who want to come to a new life in New Zealand, it is very important to stick with someone you can trust when a huge life change is involved and they are the right guys. Thanks Rob... thanks Allan, keep up the good work!!!"

Eduardo Nery, a Brazilian citizen, Marinejobs Candidate, and now working in NZ

Hello, Thank you for your reply!

I am truly grateful for you for taking the time collecting and sending me all this information.
This attitude of yours is one main reason of planning to live in NZ - here you can rarely (if not never) encounter such.

Thank You, Have a nice day, Sincerely - Gergo Erdei - Marine Candidate

“After dealing with other recruitment agents Automotive and technical Personnel were the only one that understood on where I wanted my career to head to, now I am National Service Manager for a European importer
they understand the industry ”

Dave Noonan – Candidate and Client.

“made me feel positive when I was unsure about being in a new country but were honest about what to expect. There were no surprises. It truly felt like I had a personal consultant looking after my interest. They are well known and respected within the industry. I will highly recommend them to anyone that requires recruitment services.”

Regards - Jenine Canterbury

“Thank you, for replying to me. It is rare to find anyone who is professional enough to take the time”

Kind regards, - Chris Roper-

"I was extremely happy with the service provided me, they went out of his way to find me a position relative to my skill with one of the leading Label printing companies in New Zealand even though there was no position available.
I find him a really good honest guy and have recommended him to other printers in the past.
If I can be of any help in the future please let me know."

Best Regards - Stephen Boyd

“Let me take this opportunity to thank you for giving me the job opportunity to work for Huhtamaki - New Lynn as Services Technician. It’s a good place to work with multi-cultural atmosphere and also nice people to work with and not very far from my home. Thanks once again.”

Regards - Jaigopal Oberoi (Jai)

"To Whom It May Concern, Markit Graphics Ltd has used the services of Printjobs on a number of occasions when hiring staff. We have been very satisfied with the service and have hired several staff as a result. The quality of the staff offered has always been of a high standard and suitable to our requirements. W e would have no hesitation in continuing to use Phil Printjobs in the future and would recommend Phil and Printjobs to potential clients."

Sam Davies - Markit Graphics Ltd - CEO

"Really appreciate your efforts, you did find the right guy! I will have no hesitation using your services in the future your professional approach was excellent!"

Phillip Maguire - Logotech (NZ) Limited - Tauranga

“The Printing trade has some very skilled niche positions which are not easy to fill at times and the cost implication to any business in finding the right staff is imperative. Printjobs.co.nz have been able to supply such people to Jenkins Group Ltd on a number of occasions in the past, and finding out what our business needs are before putting any candidates forward.
The candidate files they compile are precise and informative, which reduces the time and money in finding the right candidates for our business.
Printjobs.co.nz has a wide skill base from many countries and has resulted in Jenkins employing the right people that will develop and grow within our organization”

Thank you for your Support Gary Jackson - Director of Operations – MInstLM. Dip.C.M - Jenkins Group Ltd

"We have been very satisfied with the service provided by Marine Jobs in assisting us to fill various positions in our organization. They have been very proactive in promoting applicants for these positions. They understand our requirements and presents only applicants who we would seriously consider. We have recently appointed a Service Manager who was selected by Marinejobs. This person was very impressed with the way that he was mentored by them and was grateful in the manner in which he was assisted in refocusing his position and objectives. We have been very happy with his performance, which has more than matched his CV"

Regards - Peter Jacobs - Managing Director - Ovlov Marine Limited"

“Thank you, You are so organised and thorough, thank you for your email. I enjoyed meeting with you today.
You email covers everything we spoke about and I agree to all its content.”

“Thank-you for all your effort in getting so much accomplished in such a short time. I arrived back in SA yesterday, and was quite exhausted after the 2 long flights. I received the final offer from last week. Many thanks again for your professional and prompt service.”

Kind regards, - Fabrizio

"Hi ,I have read through the contract and job description and letter of offer I and am more than happy. I will be signing the contract and returning it as soon as possible. Thank you for all your help in getting me this job, it has been a great help. Once again thank you with your help in getting me the position, and I look forward to starting there in September."

Regards - Jarrod Gibson

Thank U very much for the insights provided.

Kind Regards, - P.Nataraj offshore Candidate

Thank you for such valuable information. to be honest most of the so called agencies out there emphasis on making a payment before they tell you what really is going on.

Let me work out on my budget. I am planning to come early next year. So I will try get a tourist visa & then once I am in new zealand, I will meet with you and we take it from there.

Kind regards

Herebert - Graphic Designer

Subject: RE: Contact from helpme web site
Dear Allan, Thank you for your response you have been very helpful.

Kind regards. - Debbie

Subject: Re: Contact from web site
Hi Allen, Wow what a breath of fresh air!!
Thank you very much for being honest and frank!!, Things are really difficult all over the world your right,
I work two jobs starting at 4am and finishing at around 7pm to keep my mortgage paid but from July next year things will change,( the company I sub-contract for have just lost a big contract!) so I'm looking for a solution!!
Thank you so much for your time I will keep an eye on the site and see what happens,
in the mean time Have a great Christmas!!!
kind regards
Dave Bennett – Offshore Automotive and technical Personnel Candidate