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Allan Breckell

Allan Breckell

Allan's business experience spans 30 years in New Zealand. Starting in 1980, he commenced an apprenticeship in the printing industry, during his apprenticeship Allan distinguished himself each year winning Top Apprentice and Auckland Star awards during this time.

He also completed an Advertising & Marketing diploma at ATI during the early 80's. After completing his trade training Allan took on a sales & market development role, dealing primarily with Advertising Agencies and Designers, to meet their reprographic needs.

During the 80's, Allan became a director of a medium size printing company with interests in a Graphics and Photo-litho company, folding, print finishing company and publishing several trade journals. This period expanded Allan's knowledge rapidly in all areas of business.

During the 90's Allan formed a direct marketing company to create direct marketing pieces from concept to distribution, primarily within the automotive industries. It is through this association with the Automotive Industry, that Allan became aware of Automotive & Technical Personnel and what they were doing with industry specific recruitment and the results it was returning for their client partners.

In May 2001 Allan formed a new company and took over the database and systems when the company encountered trading difficulties. initially working on the company marketing and as an automotive recruiter to hone his recruitment, interviewing and assessment skills under the guidance of the team.

With the move to new premises early in 2002 the company expanded rapidly and grew to employ 6 consultants working in the Automotive, Print and Marine industries.

The global Economic Crisis of 2008-2009 proved a challenge for the company and with a decrease in business the team shrank and in mid 2009, it was decided to curtail most recruitment activity and the company contracted management services to a Heavy Diesel Engineering Company.

Since mid 2010, Allan has again been active full-time in the recruitment industry, working with his extensive database of clients and contacts, providing a personalised recruitment service to Clients and Candidates alike, in the automotive industry.