Immigration help

For many years we provided immigration advice and processing help to Offshore Candidates seeking Work Permits. Since May 2009 All immigration Advisers here in New Zealand have to be licensed.

We are still able help you with immigration in a number of ways, but are not Licensed Immigration Advisers - See disclaimer below*

To be honest, for most of our Candidates seeking to work in New Zealand, the path is generally very clear and well documented on the New Zealand Immigration Site.

We can help you to asses the likelihood of you securing a job offer.

After you have reviewed the NZIS Site you will see that, for many, the job offer is crucial to your success migrating to New Zealand.

Without employment, the whole process become impossible for most.

A job offer or employment is a requirement for most work permits.

We can point you at this information and explain it to you.

We can help you understand how to fill out your forms and explain the information required and where to get more information.

We will know when you will need more comprehensive immigration advice, and can introduce you to relevant specialists.

We can help you to understand how to fill out your immigration forms, and with understanding what information the NZIS require and what is acceptable.

*Exclusions from the definition of “immigration advice"

The definition of immigration advice in section 7 of the Act specifically excludes:

providing information that is publicly available, or that has been prepared or made available by the Department of Labour;

directing a person to the Minister of Immigration, the Department of Labour, an immigration officer, a visa officer, a refugee status officer or a list of licensed immigration advisers;

carrying out clerical work, translation or interpreting services.

Immigration New Zealand have completed a series of fact sheets that cover all the main skilled migrant policies, and these can be passed onto migrant candidates to enable them to make an informed decision about which policy option to take.

Passing these fact sheets on does not constitute giving 'immigration advice'

Also have a look at Immigration New Zealand's web site.