Frequently asked questions

Q. Can you help me to work in NZ?
A. Yes, if you meet NZ immigration VISA requirements we can present your file to employers who are predisposed to employing offshore migrants.

Q. Who pays your Fees?
A. Our clients - the companies that employ us to find them staff - pay us a 'once only' finder’s fee. We are not a labour hire company.

Q. Will you send my CV to Clients?
A. We are engaged by our clients to find them good people - if you do not meet their criteria, or the standards of skill level they accept, we would be damaging our brand by representing you to employers.

Q. What value does your representation have?
A. We believe it is very valuable, due to our insistence on only representing quality people honestly and, as a result, our clients trust our recommendations. We know we secure people roles they would not have got without our help.

Q. Can you only represent me if I am qualified?
A. No, but for some roles it is a prerequisite, i.e. Mechanics, but other customer facing roles have less stringent requirements.

Q. What do you look for in a candidate?
A. Honesty, decency and willingness to work with us to identify a career opportunity are non-negotiable qualities, qualifications are an added bonus for certain roles and lesser qualifications can lead to employer’s up-skilling.

Q. Are you able to make me a job offer?
A. No, we are a recruitment consultancy - only an employer can do that. We can present your file, properly prepared, to employers who we know historically are not averse to employing and waiting for immigration VISAs to be granted.

Q. Can you guarantee me a work VISA?
A. No but we can show you where to get the information to find out if you meet the criteria.

Q. Can you help me secure an apprenticeship?
A. Generally, no, as employers are less keen to engage our services for a role that, if they ran an advert, they would be swamped with applications. They trust us to find the hard-to-find.